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Brainstorming Themes

How to Brainstorm for Themes for Photo Shoots

Basically, to do a shoot for a particular theme, we need the clothes/costume, the accessories/equipment (if any) and a suitable location to complete the theme. Of course, when you pick a theme, you also need to consider if that theme suits your looks. Here are a few questions that can get you started on coming up with ideas. 

  1. What are your interests or hobbies ? 
    Eg. Playing guitar, dancing, cooking, etc. where you would already have the attire and equipment. 
  2. Do you participate actively in any interesting sports ?
    Eg. Rock climbing, skateboarding, martial arts, baseball, etc. where you would already have the attire and equipment. 
  3. Look around your room and the rest of your house. Are there any interesting items that could be used as props for a particular theme ? 
  4. Do you have any friends or relatives whose jobs/hobbies have interesting attire and equipment (and maybe location) that you could borrow for shoot ?
    Eg. Fireman, soldier, rock star, performer, chef, etc. 

Do list down all the themes that you can think of after going thru the above list, and we can discuss together to see which theme to shoot.

Here are examples of themes: 
  • Kungfu Fighter
  • Rocker Chick
  • Rock Band
  • Hip hop
  • Cowboy
  • Renegade Soldiers
  • Horror/Creepy
  • High Fashion
  • Mountain Climber
  • Zombie Attack
  • Extreme Skateboarder
  • Geek Girl